JT & Sons Relocations: Our Five Main Working Principles…

At JT & Sons Relocations we believe that any business needs a guiding set of working principles which reflect the values of the company, helping us to achieve the very best for both our staff and customers.

Here are the five principles which we value most highly in our day to day work:


First and foremost, we aim to build trust. A culture of trust allows our employees to feel confident and thrive, and that confidence engenders trust from our clients. We’re an honest company with a reputation for working to traditional values, so our clients have no doubt in our integrity, knowing that we work with complete transparency, from initial contact right through to the completion of the job.


We encourage respect in the workplace and recognise the positive contributions of our staff. We’re also respectful of all our client’s requirements, ideas and decisions. If, based on our experience, we feel that elements of a job can be done more efficiently or effectively, we’ll present the alternative options for consideration and discussion. We always respect the wishes of our clients and so work closely with them in order to make sure that they are happy and we are catering to their best interests.


Communication is key! Maintaining strong links of communication with our clients helps them to feel both valued and confident in our abilities. Moving can create a very stressful environment, even for experienced facilities teams. We aim to remove that burden at every stage of the move. Our staff are highly trained and experienced at all levels. With their valuable advice and assurances, our clients know that we have everything covered and they have no need to worry. 


At JT & Sons Relocations we recognise the importance of acceptance, which ties in with our policy of respecting others. We respect other people enough to accept their differing viewpoints, ideas and life styles. We have a diverse staff and believe that greater diversity can lead to a greater acceptance of those who may be different from our selves. At JTS all our staff are encouraged to be both tolerant and supporting of each other. This ethos extends beyond our own teams to our clients, third parties, and members of the general public. Our Equal Opportunities Policy reinforces this strong ethic and senior management remain vigilant over behaviour trends to ensure that a spirit of harmony stays in existence amongst our staff at all times.


Looking after the wellbeing of our staff is important to us. We have an open door policy and encourage staff to talk to us if they have any problems. Along with promoting individual wellbeing we also encourage our staff to be considerate to others and to be mindful before they speak to both colleagues and clients. Through informal chats, toolbox talks, and newsletters, we often remind our staff of the importance of looking out for each other and those we are working for and around.

At JT & Sons Relocations we know that a successful company is one in which both the employees and clients feel valued. We think that our core working principles achieve just that.

What’s in a Logo?

Following a testing year for most everyone the launch of a smart new website for us is a strong statement of our identity, approach, and commitment to thrive in the new business landscape. The website showcases the breadth of expertise JT & Sons has in specialist relocations from a range of industrial and commercial clients, such as gyms, factories, and online retailers. That combined with our eco-friendly credentials has left us well-placed to emerge from a challenging year with an exciting offering for the future.

In working with the web design company, we explained that we wanted the graphics to convey our modern approach to moves, many of which are in more traditional industrial environments such as factories. This is exemplified in the background of the website’s landing page; an elegant depiction of the London skyline that places the modern and the traditional side by side.

With the website user journeys agreed and the design, content and build well under way one thing became glaringly obvious to a number of those involved in the project. Our logo looked out of place and a little dated.

Created when myself and Timon set up the company in 2008, the logo – a stylised Phoenix – holds a great deal of meaning for us. Having experienced difficult times prior to setting up JT & Sons Relocations it signified a fresh start for us and, as the mythical Phoenix does– it represented something rising, renewed from the ashes of the old. Because of this we were very reticent to have it messed with and certainly didn’t want to lose it – not least as it was by then on all our stationery, marketing materials and corporate workwear! Jo and Steve at our appointed design company Rubicon were very keen for us to change the logo to better marry with the fresh, new website and, having spent some weeks wearing us down, when they offered to rebrand it for free we agreed to take the plunge!

We love the new logo. It’s retained everything we wanted it to and, kept what we liked about the original but at the same time is more elegant and sophisticated. It retains our corporate colours; the company name is far easier to read and it’s now far more recognisably a Phoenix. 2020 has been a year that has been difficult if not catastrophic for many companies so we’re thankful that at JT & Sons due to good planning and adapting to changing situations we’re no longer just rising but now feel like we’re soaring!