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Exercise in the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a rediscovery of exercise and keep-fit throughout the nation. Some people were already ‘gym bunnies’ and had to find new ways to fill the void created by the enforced closure of their favourite fitness and exercise venues, like gyms and sports centres. Others have discovered a new love of exercise, which started as a way to fill time and retain their sanity during lockdowns and when working from home. On the other hand, some individuals will have become less likely to engage in physical exercise due to the constrictions of being housebound.

The cancellation of sporting events and the closure of gyms, swimming pools, dance studios, stadiums and even children’s playgrounds could have led to a ‘couch potato epidemic’. It’s a testament to our ability to recognise the important role that exercise plays in our lives that there’s actually been a surge in exercising at home. Instinctively, we seem to have understood the vital function of physical activity in maintaining our mental health and sense of well-being. 

Cycling has become particularly popular during the pandemic. A huge upsurge in sales over the last year has led to bike shops running out of stock as demand outstrips supply. Statistics from the Bicycle Association revealed that between March and December 2020 bike sales grew by a massive 60% and that electric bike sales had more than doubled. https://www.bicycleassociation.org.uk/news-press/official-industry-stats-reveal-record-extent-of-covid-cycling-sales-growth/

And it’s not just cycling outside that has increased in popularity. Sales of Pelaton exercise bikes and work out classes have skyrocketed during the pandemic. The company can’t make bikes fast enough to meet demand!

Now that lockdown is easing, will people want to return to communal exercise venues? There will be always be a passion amongst the populace for team games and the sense of team spirit and community that brings, but what’s the future of exercise that we can do alone, like gym activities, yoga or even Zumba? All of these activities can be done at home with the investment in some equipment or via Zoom classes. Will people now feel nervous about the future risk of working out in a gym or exercising with other people? And then, with many people now less well off, there’s budget to consider. After the initial investment in equipment, working out at home is much cheaper than paying for an ongoing gym membership, and Zoom classes are generally available at a reduced rate. 

Even when the pandemic is over, it seems that there could be a permanent change to the way that people choose to work out or exercise. Though this may present an uncertain future for fitness professionals, on the positive side the evolution of home fitness looks to continue into a, hopefully, healthier future. Whichever way people choose to exercise it can only benefit the health and well-being of the country as a whole.

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